Enimies are bloons. You Have 5 modes. Easy, medium, hard, insane and special missions. Dart Steve(123) Path 1 2 Times(213) Shoots 2 Darts instead of 1. 3 times(329) Shoots 3 instead of 2. Dart Boom(930) Arrows now explode. Dart of Ender(7485) Arrows now are purple and do 9 Whole hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Path 2 Farther Darts(132) Shoots farther. Even Farther Darts(341) Shoots Farther. Bowvolution(780) Shoots bullets out of a gun that do 5 Hearts. C4 time(9819) Throws C4 that does 12 HEARTS! Ability: TNT Day (CoolDown:7 Min) Throws 9999 TNT In the air(Its on fire)! Bonus Upgrade: Wood(10) Allows you to craft. also adds darts

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