These little guys were made to annoy the heck out of players. They have only 15 health, are just 1.5 blocks tall, and generally throw spears or use slings. Spear kobolds account for 80% of all kobolds. They throw a single spear that does 5-7 damage, then they charge in and start hitting you. However, their spear isn't very accurate, and they only do 1—2 damage when they hit you. Around 20% of kobolds have slings that can shoot an infinite amount of rocks (2-4 damage). They generally are found underground, as they have goblin sight. Kobolds have no honor and NEVER attack in groups of less than five. Occasionally in caves you will find an outpost of kobolds with around 20-30 kobolds, half of which are kobold villagers, and one leader (who is generally a goblin leader or something similar; kobolds can't be trusted to lead each other). Kobold villagers are like goblin villagers, but will screw you over. Look for renamed goods and quotation marks in the names of their trades. Kobolds do have real "shinies" such as diamonds, emeralds, and other things, but you will usually have to take around 4-6 of their trades, so you'll usually have to part with valuable items and get a lot of crap in return.