The Path Block is a block that lets bloons go in, but never out. This block will lead the bloons on its specific path, and it works just like the Minecart Track.


A Sandstone Path Block


Minecart Track | Minecart Track | Minecart Track

Any block | Any block | Any block

Any block | Any block | Any block

Any block will be a block, solid, and a block used on Minecart Tracks.


Easy remove tool: Mining it. You don't need a tool no matter what block it's made from, and it is instantly mined!

Stack limit: 64

Collectible?: Yes

Transparent?: Only if made from glass or ice

Liquid?: No, and it won't melt if made from ice

Explodable?: No

Blast Resistance: 3,000 (half of obsidian)

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