Power Up is a book obtained if in desert terrain with a MOAB. It has a 10% chance of appearing and if obtained, gives powers through XP and ranks. When obtained, they can do many things e.g. Solid Solution gives you random armour, and this is called Inauto. Others, such as Godlike or UpCrate do not require activating. Here are the ranks:

  1. 10xp required, gives 2day Bloon stoppage
  2. 30xp required, gives Lucky Spin
  3. 55xp required, gives Solid Solution
  4. 80xp required, gives Chain Armor
  5. 115xp required, gives Electrocharge
  6. 150xp required, gives Emancipation Orb
  7. 215xp, gives Hub
  8. 285xp, gives 5 Spins
  9. 325xp, gives Time Machine
  10. Defeat 3 MOABs to get Milestone Maestro
  11. 400xp, gives UpCrate
  12. 600xp, gives a random Inauto powerup
  13. 800xp, give random powerup
  14. 1000xp, gives another Solid Solution
  15. 1250xp, gives Guardian
  16. 1500xp, gives Hypnosis
  17. 1750xp, gives Godlike
  18. 2000xp, gives a Gold Axe
  19. 2250xp, gives 3 Boss Blasters
  20. Defeat 3 BFBs, gives 1 of each powerup
  21. 2500xp, gives the Bloonopedia
  22. 2275xp, gives 4 Ancient Remains
  23. 3000xp, gives Blockopedia
  24. 3300xp, gives access to the Richer-Gates
  25. 3600xp, gives Autokill
  26. 3900xp, gives 2 Godlikes
  27. 4200xp, gives Twin Fission
  28. 4500xp, gives 3 of every Inauto powerup
  29. 10000xp, gives 5 of every powerup
  30. 65000000000xp, gives Prestige

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