A Spiked Ball is an item that does 5 Hearts of Damage to Mobs and removes a layer from a bloon per milisecond. It also does not do a lot of damage to Ceramics. Even though they have spikes, they can't hurt Leads. Some mobs/bloons can remove it's spikes. It will turn into a normal Iron Ball if it's spikes are gone.

Crafting and UsageEdit

This item is crafted by taking an Iron Ball and surrounding it with Small Spikes.

Once crafted, right click to place. It can be placed on Solid Blocks and Path Blocks.

Other TypesEdit

Hot Spiked BallEdit

Just normally like Spiked Balls, except they can pop lead.

This item is crafted by putting it in a Furnace. Then after the process, the spikes will look burning hot.

Spiked MineEdit

These are deadly, and are crafted in a different way. When it loses it's spikes, it explodes instead of being an Iron Ball. They do extra damage to Ceramics.

To craft this little bad boy, you need an Iron Ball like mentioned, then surronding it with Large Burning Red Spikes with Gunpowder on the corners. It looks like the Spiked Mines from BTD5.