SFOTH is a game mode mod which adds in renamed swords from other mods that work like the swords in Shedletsky's SFOTH.

The worldEdit

It's a skyblock-ish world that looks like SFOTH connected with random blocks.

Weapons from modsEdit

  • Windforce: A wind element sword from Cyan Warrior Blades.
  • Firebrand: CWB Fire sword or fire aspect regular sword.
  • Venomshank: NetherX Venomite sword.
  • Ghostwalker: Modified diamond sword which gives both effects from Boots of the Rogue and Cloak of the Rogue.
  • Battle Armor: Golden block. When a player collides with it, it disappears and gives Health Boost 10+ hearts which stay forever until death.
  • Darkforce: Antimatter Sword from Adaline.
  • Illumina: Gem Sword from Adaline.