The Necromancer is the boss of the overworld. The end has a boss, The Nether has a boss, so why not The Overworld?

How to SummonEdit

To summon it, place a Skull on the ground (2% drop from Skeletons) Right next to a Zombie head (2% zombie drop)  Right next to a Spider head. They will all dissapear, and This guy will spawn.

The FightEdit

The Necromancer

What his face looks like.

The Necromancer has 150 HP, and walks around like a zombie. He also blocks 2 attack damage, so you need at least a Wood Sword to hurt him. He moves slightly slower then a sprinting player, and deals 10 damage on touch, 5 damage with his Death Magic (purple bolt), and he can summon Undead.


Demons Sickle

Black Magic

Crimson Orb