The xkcd mod is a mod based on the webcomic, xkcd. It adds a bunch of xkcd references to the game.



Twenty health, villager styles without the trading. Friendly NPC.


40 health, has a power 10 bow with a rapid fire rate of one arrow per 0.05 seconds. Ally NPC.

Black HatEdit

10 health, has an EMP laser that deactivates redstone stuff and deals 5 damage to good guys. Enemy.

White HatEdit

20 HP, has a Tungsten Katana. Good guy.


20 HP, Jump Boost 2 and has an unbreaking 10 budder sword. Enemy.


15 HP, full diamond armor with all protection X enchantments and a shuriken. Good NPC.


EMP CoreEdit

Reagent for the EMP laser. Dropped by Black Hat.

Black Hat's EMP laserEdit

Deactivates redstone and deals 5 damage to enemies. Crafting recipe below.

One diamond at the left middle box, the core at the middle, a diamond at the right middle box.

Nerd Sniper CannonEdit

A bow that looks like a tranquilizer gun. Deals 2 damage and applies Poison 2.

One bow in the middle, an EMP core in the left middle box, a budder ingot at the right middle box and a piston at the down-right corner.